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Join Randall Homes celebrating 35 years at the Parade of Homes!

Get ready to have some fun at the 2018 Spring edition of the Parade of Homes!

With Randall Homes celebrating 35 years in business and Avanti Custom Homes focused on their mission of “Custom is the New Standard” – this will be a Spring Parade of Homes to remember!

Break free from the cabin fever and join us at our parade homes throughout Winnipeg and surrounding area – visit and to see the communities we are in and the homes which are available.

This year’s hours are Monday-Thursday 3 PM to 8 PM, Saturday and Sunday 12 PM to 6 PM – and Friday is by appointment only.

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View our Parade Homes

Want to move-in sooner? See our ready to move-in homes!

Join Us! 2018 Spring Parade of Homes – March 3-25

Join Us! 2017 Fall Parade of Homes from Sep 9 to Oct 1

Just because it’s September doesn’t mean you need to fall back into the same routine… Join us for the Fall 2017 Parade of Homes! The teams at both Randall Homes and Avanti Custom Homes have put together an outstanding line-up of homes! 

Starting with Randall Homes – we have 18 show homes available for your browsing pleasure. We are located in many of the newest and most popular Winnipeg neighborhoods. Our offering includes bungalows, two-storeys, side-by-side and condominiums; ranging from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms; between 1,289 sqft and soaring up to 2,221 sqft floor plans.

Avanti Custom Homes continues to expand their line of custom homes – this year, three top-notch homes are available in three of the most desired communities, including our modern-contemporary, two-storey home in Sage Creek. Come find out how we are giving a whole new meaning to Custom is the New Standard.

To see Randall Homes list of Show Homes visit –

To see Avanti Custom Homes list of Show Homes visit –

Join Us! 2017 Fall Parade of Homes – Sep 9 to Oct 1

Get ready for the 2017 Spring Parade of Homes from March 4 to 26

Spring has sprung!

After a snow-filled winter the team at Randall Homes and Avanti Custom Homes are excited to show you what we’ve been working on – when we weren’t outside shoveling!

Join us for the 2017 Spring Parade of Homes, starting March 4th and running until March 26th. Our line-up for 2017 includes builds in newly formed neighborhoods – Bonavista, Prairie Pointe, and RidgeWood West. Along with the newcomers, we’ve continued building in Winnipeg’s favorite places to call home – Bridgwater Trails, Sage Creek, Devonshire Village, Oak Bluff West – just to name a few.

We have continued building many options for two-storey layouts – all are open plans and have added value through their thoughtful design. In addition to the many two-storey options we have available, we also have placed an increased focus on new bungalow builds within Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Regardless of the style of home you’re interested in, our principles – value, choice and service – guide our construction teams for every home we create. We insist you must come see what we’ve been up to – we feel you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Spring has sprung! Get ready for 2017's Spring Parade of Homes!

Our Show Homes are standing by, ready to receive your visit! For full listing information of our 2017 Spring Parade of Homes – visit our website –


Oakwood Estates plays host to Wine and Cheese Night

On December 11, Randall Homes held a Wine & Cheese event at our condominium townhomes, the Oakwood Estates, located at 5 Cesselman Crescent in Oak Bluff West.

Wine & Cheese Event - Oakwood Estates - Randall Homes

Wine & Cheese Event - Oakwood Estates - Randall Homes

Wine & Cheese Event - Oakwood Estates - Randall Homes

One of the ways we appreciate our customers – Thank you to all of the home owners residing at Oakwood Estates!

Customer Profile: I Love Where I Live

Originally published by the Winnipeg Free Press 10/07/2013.

Randall Homes & Sage Creek

After looking for a new home for 18 months and enduring countless bidding wars, Heather Allan decided there had to be a better way.

That’s when she thought about Randall Homes.

“I’d seen some of the homes Randall had designed and thought they were not only stylish, but affordable, so I ended up talking with Jason (Jaquet) at Randall,” she recalled. “I told him I wanted two things – a sense of community, and an affordable home. He then took me to one of Randall’s show homes in Sage Creek.”

The synergy between buyer, home and the surrounding community was immediate.

“As soon as I stepped into the show home, it felt like home – the big windows that let in all kinds of sunlight, the fact that the floor plan didn’t waste any space and the finishes that so beautifully framed the functional layout,” said Allan. “And the home was just the right size.”

Turns out, the home Allan chose was The Fairhill A, a 1,784 sq. ft., two-storey boulevard home on Edward Turner Drive on a compact lot. Both the lot and home concept perfectly suited her tastes.

Heather Allan in the Fairhill A - Randall Homes - Custom Homes - Winnipeg - Manitoba

“I liked the fact that the home had a low maintenance front and a bit of green space in back, along with a detached garage. I also liked the basic finishing package, though I decided to make a few key upgrades.”

After being led expertly through Randall’s design centre, Allan knew exactly what those upgrades would be.

“Things fell right into place after going through the design centre. I decided to put in a fireplace with entertainment unit, upgraded both the carpet and vinyl, chose rounded edge laminate countertops (instead of standard square) and put in a backsplash in the kitchen,” she said. “I knew I had it in my budget, so everything worked out perfectly.”

With the home model chosen and all the finishes in place, it was time to build the home. Seeing as it was the first time Allan had ever built the home, she was experiencing her fair share of trepidation. The worry proved all for nought due to the high standard of customer service provided by Randall.

“The customer service was simply outstanding,” Allan said. “I was able to put a hard hat on and watch the process. The trades working on the home were a very welcoming group. If there were some hiccups – there always are when you’re building a home – I got very good service when I wanted to make sure certain things would work out just right. They always kept me in the loop, or if I sent an e-mail, I got a response right away.”

That customer service also proved invaluable in terms of designing a home that offered the highest possible level of function, she added.

“The sales person made suggestions that were really helpful, such as saying I might want to put a plug-in outlet high up on the wall above the TV for a cleaner look, and that it might be a good idea to put a light socket in an eve outside if I was going to put up things like Christmas lights and other decorations. They also suggested putting an outlet in an area in the basement where the freezer would go. The customer service was just excellent.”

Most importantly, Allan – who moved into her new home August 1 – got both the home and neighbourhood that she desired. “When you build new, you get exactly what you want,” she said. “I came from a home built in 1922 that was drafty and always seemed to need repairs. With this home, everything is brand new. I won’t have to do anything to it for five to 10 years. Unlike my old home, it’s big enough to be a good entertaining space, and I must say Sage Creek is quite the community. Everything is within walking distance, the paths intersect with the lakes beautifully when I walk my dog, my neighbours take pride in their homes, and I’m always meeting great, new, friendly people.”

Allan said deciding to build with Randall Homes is one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“I’m very happy with the customer service – it met, even exceeded my expectations,” she said. “Most of all, I absolutely love where I live – it makes me feel good when I come home every day to such a beautiful, well designed home. Best of all, I’m not broke; Randall made buying a new home attainable. Overall, I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.”

Another satisfied customer

Welcome Friends, New and Old

Value, Choice, Service.  These are the core principles that we at Randall Homes have built our business on.  We strive to provide every customer with value for their time and money, a choice in the style of home they want and the features it includes, and outstanding service from the start of the planning process, through building and even after completion.  With over 30 years as a family business, we understand the importance of building a house that you can call home; a comfortable place that is uniquely yours, where you can build memories for years to come.

To mirror these principles, our website recently received a complete overhaul.  The decision to undergo an online makeover was an easy one, and was made in an effort to increase the value of our site for you, our customers.  We have added several new features that will enhance your experience, whether you are viewing the site on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.  The website was reorganized to better focus on our three core principles; Value, Choice, and Service.  Randall Homes has also gone social; you can now find us on Facebook and Twitter.  On these platforms you can join in on the conversation and find the most up to date news and happenings with Randall Homes and our growing developments.

When you choose to build a home with Randall Homes, you will be taken care of through the whole process of the project.  We value your time, and want to ensure you are satisfied with the end product we deliver; after all, a new home is likely the largest purchase you will ever make.  Our experienced teams build in several prominent developing communities in and around the city of Winnipeg including Oak Bluff, Bridgwater Lakes, River Park South, Sage Creek, Wheatland Park and many more.  Our new site features a responsive design; this means that no matter the size of the screen you are viewing it on, it will automatically resize itself to fit.  This means, no more having to scroll side to side on your smart phone or tablet and no resizing windows to see the full page.  Along with the website itself being responsive, we have also added a responsive map that will convert itself to a listing of communities rather than shrinking and becoming unreadable on smaller screens.

Our exclusive design studio offers our customers a variety of choices for each area of the home.  From the backsplash tiles in the kitchen, to the trim and faucets in the bathroom, even down to the flooring throughout the house.  We give you the blueprints, but you as a customer are given the choice to custom build your home from the floors up.  An exciting new feature on our site are the additional search options; you are now able to search for available and model homes based on the style of home (bungalow, 2 storey, split level, multi-family, etc) as well as the number of bedrooms or the square footage.  This makes it that much easier for you to find and design your perfect home.

Following completion of your building project with Randall Homes, you can move into your new home and relax knowing that you are backed by their qualified service department.  As a part of our building process, we provide all customers with a Home Owner’s Manual outlining all the services available and the specifications of the warranty on the home.  In the unfortunate event that you do encounter a service issue with your new home, you can simply e-mail your concern to the Randall Homes Service Department.  Our trained staff with make all the necessary arrangements to resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

With award winning designs, quality construction, and top quality service a Randall Home could be exactly what you are looking for.





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